Eventoz is all about a platform of the colleges festivals in different parts of Kerala. This includes cultural fests, workshops, camps, autoshows and every other kind of event which attracts attention of students from other colleges. Eventoz provides details about the fests by type. Eventoz aims at covering about all the colleges in Kerala by picking up active volunteers to provide the detailed information in the shortest possible time.

The Timeline

The idea behind the emergence of Eventoz came from the unnoticed events happening in the colleges around Kerala. It often happens that fests are conducted at a great expense but it doesn’t reach the maximum students even after marketing their best through the available resources. On the personal front, this startup was eventually the result of attending a fest at one of the colleges in Kerala. The hosts of the event did a great job in the conduction and marketing of the event but it didn’t turn out as expected as less number of students turned up for the event. They didn’t collect any entry fees from the participants due to their negligible presence. This lack of presence lead to emergence of Eventoz to help the fests reach the maximum students.

The Team

Eventoz is basically operated under the control of a highly efficient and commited 5 membered team. A CEO at an younger age, Thomas Varghese is the head and founder of Eventoz. Sandeep Satish and Abhijith Kumar are part of the marketing team while Somy S Yohannan handles the start up’s finance and Harikrishna is the technical head.