Eventoz is all about a platform of the colleges festivals in different parts of Kerala. This includes cultural fests, workshops, camps, auto shows and every other kind of event which attracts attention of students from other colleges. Eventoz provides details about the fests by type. Eventoz aims at covering about all the colleges in Kerala by picking up active volunteers to provide the detailed information in the shortest possible time.


Eventoz is basically operated under the control of a highly efficient and committed 5 membered team. Eventoz has sub teams each designated to operate within each district of Kerala to ensure that we do not miss out on any events happening and also to give a boost to the events within their district. The sub teams work under the supervision of the main team. Mode of Operation: Eventoz mainly focuses on its website for the marketing purposes. Apart from the website we also use the social medias which is too common to use specially by the present generation which remains our target. The links to our social media pages are given below.

These above mentioned social media were chosen with respect to popularity among that part of the generation which is obsessed with such social media sites and we have a great hope that every post uploaded by us will reach the maximum.


Each scheme varies from one another in its way of promotion. We provide premium schemes to promote your event and gain maximum reach by using website and the social media as well. When the client opts for premium scheme, the website displays their event for the specified time period and also time to time uploads regarding the event in the social media applications through which we will have a good catch. Time to time uploads through social media and displaying the event at the first place in the website will make the visitors curious about the event and thereby reach the maximum output.


Eventoz helps the client to market their events and help it reach the maximum amount of people. At Eventoz, we make your work easy. We will do the maximum to market your event in the best possible way that we can. Choosing Eventoz will help you save time and you don’t need to worry about the marketing aspect as we will look after that. We will have provide you the best possible result and you don’t need to spend much money for marketing your event. All you have to do is trust Eventoz and we will do the rest for you.