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And all you have to do to win is rise each time you fall." To rise above obstacles and move past them is no ordinary feat. FailX tells the stories of people from all walks of life, who rose like a phoenix in the face of adversity. Gather around at

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FailX: Rise Like a Phoenix "Success is not the absence of failure; it is how to persist through failure."


“Failure is the stepping stone to success”. Despite being aware of this saying, people treat failure with a sense of dread and associate it with negativity. People are quick to rule one out when they go through some difficult times or experience some failures. Without making mistakes, experience cannot be built and be used to become successful. For even a single victory has a history of failures behind them.

With this in mind, FailX wishes to invoke the spirit of the phoenix within everyone. The phoenix is resurrected from it’s own ashes and soars higher than ever. In a similar vein, one should rise from his or her failures by learning from it and using it to achieve more than one can imagine. Keeping in with this spirit, FailX is themed on the lines of: ‘Rise like a Phoenix’.

The event features an array of exciting activities. With some of the most successful people in their industries speaking out about their journey and entertaining activities to engage and excite the participants, FailX promises to inspire and bring about the phoenix within each person.


Ruhma Fathima - CEO, Zingo Hotels Entrepreneur and co-founder of the successful ZingoHotels, a chain of branded budget hotels. She had co-founded five other start-ups which did not work out for various reasons before making it with Zingo Hotels.

Swetha Punj - Senior editor, India Today, author, “Why I fail” Senior editor of India Today and author of the book, “Why I fail”, which chronicles the stories of famous leaders and personalities who had experienced failures in their lives and how they managed to overcome those setbacks and reach where they are today.

Dr. Saji Gopinath - CEO, KSUM, Director, IIITMK CEO of Kerala Start-Up Mission and the Director at IIITM- Kerala. His path towards the pinnacle of his profession as a mentor and a guru has seen a lot of failures and success of many of the uprisings and ventures.

Dazzle Dinil - Mentalist, Magician and Illusionist Magician Dazzle is a young magician and a total entertainer mesmerizing audiences all around the world with his variety of magic performances. Being an expert of a field prone to failures, he gives the audience a straight experience of overcoming possible failures.

Fees: Rs. 400 Date: August 31st 2019,9:30 am Venue: IMA Hall, Kaloor


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IMA Hall, Kaloor

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