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TRIKA 2020 is a technical fest conducted by Department of ECE, ER&DCI Institute of Technology. The competitions are Liner, Qriosity, Electricuit,, Pitch perfect and Resist the flow and workshops. More details can be found in

TRIKA 2020 is a technical fest conducted by Department of Electronics, ER&DCI Institute of Technology. The event involves various competitions to test the technical skills of participants and their readiness to face a competitive and evolving technology scenario. It also includes a hands on session and endeavors to bring industry closer to academia to face the technology challenges that we continue to face. TRIKA 2020 is an effort to allow the wider student community to leverage the opportunity of interacting with technology experts within the CDAC community by bringing them together on the same platform. The events are 1)Liner: The line following robot competition 2)Qriosity: The Quiz competition 3)Pitch perfect: The idea pitching competition 4)Electricuit: The circuit debugging competition 5)Resist the flow: The resistor making competition 6)Be the Stark: The best engineer competition 7)Workshop on "Microprocessor Architecture and Implementations": Mr Libin TT, Scientist E, Hardware Design Group(HDG), CDAC Thiruvananthapuram 8)Technical conference on the theme "Recent Trends in Electronics for Industrial Applications" i) "Introduction to Hardware Reliability Tools" by Capt(IN) Bijli V.M, Officer in Charge, Naval Technical Group, Indian Navy, Kochi ii) "Industry 4.0: A preview on Industrial IoT" by Mr. Biju Nair, CTO, Alpha Ori Technologies, Silicon Valley, USA iii)"Role of AI in Electronics Industry of the Future" by Dr. Brijesh Madhavan, CEO, Curvelogics Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram More details can be found at

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ERDCI IT, CDAC Campus, Vellayabalam

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